I stumbled upon an interesting blog. The writer wrote about how her aunt and her mother would make negative comments toward her and it made me think. I added a comment to her blog –

Sometimes it’s the negative comments we receive that mold us into the best version of ourselves. The best revenge on negativity is to become what no one thought you were capable of becoming. When this happens you will see their comments quickly disappear.

Her post made me think about how I witnessed many people throughout life do exactly what someone told them they could not. 

My sister started out as a hairdresser, she loved the job but never thought she could actually do anything else because according to her she wasn’t smart enough. She began dating an arrogant man who happened to be an occupational therapist. They were having a conversation and he said something that changed her life. He told her she would never be able to do what he does because she didn’t have the brains. Almost instantly she set out to prove him wrong and today she is a thriving OT and thankfully knew enough to kick him to the curb.

When my brother-in-law was a senior in high-school he visited the guidance counsilor to discuss his future. He mentioned that he would like to pursue a degree in bio med or engineering. The guidance counsilor discouraged him, claiming that he just did not have the grades and those goals probably would not be attainable. Fast forward ten years and I am waiting on a woman who informs me she is a guidance counsilor at the school my brother-in-law attended. I asked if she knew him and she said “Yes, I was his guidance counsilor, how is he doing?” I took great pleasure in telling her that he was a graduate of Penn State University with a degree in engineering.

I learned from both of them that sometimes it takes someone not believing in you to believe in yourself. And when you prove the nay sayers wrong you find they either admit they were wrong or stop talking all together.

Prove someone wrong and do something they claimed you couldn’t.