Thirteen Things about Maribeth

I have not done a TT in quite some time. Tonight I thought I would jump back in and do a list of 13 Christmas presents I remember receiving. When you are a child you can't wait for christmas to come and hope you get a mountain of toys. I am sure if you add up all of the gifts I received as a young girl they would at least make a small heap and yet I found it hard to recall thirteen. It was never about the gifts, but, it takes some growing up to realize that.

Thirteen gifts I could recall:

1.... Italian Barbie (I loved her very much, I was so happy to finally have a Barbie with dark hair instead of blonde.)

2...Texas Instrument Computer (It was a gift to the family, I stayed up late many of nights learning how to enter a program that made the words I LOVE YOU fill the screen. I also learned to play blackjack which was very addicting

3...Organ (A hand-me-down gift from cousins but we loved it nonetheless) A music book came with it and it was the first time I heard IF by Bread. I loved them ever since.

4...A red boom box (my very own radio and to boot it was red, music never sounded any better)

5...Nerf football (I was a bit of a tomboy and was delighted with my orange and blue football)

6...Connect Four (loved this game)

7...Barrel of Monkeys (Christmas wasn't Christmas without receiving these in our stockings)

8...The Elephant Game (I'm not sure if this is the exact name but you wore elephant trunks and tried to suck up peanuts)

9...Simon (We had so much fun trying to remember the blinking lights)

10...Liz Claiborne purse (I couldn't believe I actually had a real Liz Claiborne)

11...Ice Skates (Finally I had my very own pair and no longer had to borrow my older sisters)

12...Diary (I felt funny writing in a diary at a young age but now I don't know what I would do without a journal)

13...Crossword Books (I loved my crosswords-still do)

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