May you be able to forget about yesterday and move forward to tomorrow. Forgive yourself for your mistakes of the past year and set forth to be the person you vision yourself to be for this upcoming year.

Forgive the people that you feel wronged you! Holding onto hate only brings disruption and prevents you from becoming the best that you can be.

Strive for perfection but know that it is imperfection that causes you to grow.

Listen when someone speaks and don’t answer just to answer, let their words sink in. Remember, sometimes it takes looking at yourself through another person’s eyes to see who you really are.

This is a new year with new possibilities. Rainbows will appear if you allow the rain to wash away the dirt of yesterday!

God Bless you!

Do something today that surprises yourself and you will become a better version of you.

Find comfort in the fact that everyone stumbles at some point, but admire the ones that get up.