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April is poetry month. I am not a poet but I do like to dabble in poetry once in a while. The novice poet that I am thought that to have a good poem you must rhyme, but after seeing many poems, I realize that is completely wrong. A good poet conveys emotions through words and tells you a story without writing a book. I stumbled upon the Poetic Asides blog and noticed that for the month of April, they are encouraging poets and non poets to write a poem a day.
Each day, a prompt is given and you are to write a poem based on the prompt. I will share the one I wrote regarding something missing.
This is our first Easter without my father. It was actually this time last year that he let us know that he wasn’t feeling right. Last Easter we would have never guessed that within three months he would be gone. Tomorrow we will paint Easter Eggs with the kids as we always do on Good Friday. But this year my father won’t be sitting at the head of the table painting his famous egg.

The Egg

The colors are lovely but not as lovely as before
Sadness hides behind the delicate smiles.

The children excitedly paint their masterpieces
The energy of love lost encircles the room
One by one the eggs are placed inside the basket
Silence pours through, suddenly we are aware
The polka-dot egg is missing, his masterpiece
The basket is full but our hearts are empty

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