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He burst through the front door holding a melting candy bar in the shape of bat wings.
“I won, I won”, he shouted. He was so excited that he was oblivious to the chocolate dripping through the cracks of his fingers. “We won five-thousand bucks and a trip to New York City.” My heart flipped, I too, became excited.

“Slow down, tell me from the beginning,” I instructed.

My son explained that he opened up his Kit Kat bar and found that it was in the shape of bat wings. All we had to do was take his picture holding the candy bar, send it in and then cash in on our prize. I had no reason not to believe him. Even my older daughter and nephew agreed to what he was saying. After all, he was with my husband when he purchased the candy bar. If it wasn’t true then surely my husband would have told him so. He found the golden ticket and was prepared to celebrate. I could remember being young and thinking that I would win the cereal box give away. Even though my father tried to explain that, the odds were against me I could not help but think I would be the lucky one.
Standing in the living room with my chocolate-coated son, I was hopeful and envisioning him receiving the five-thousand dollars. Then reality came through the front door. “I told you that you did not win, “my husband declared.
“His Kit Kat has wings,” I argued.
“They all do, it’s a promotion for the new Batman movie.” He looked at me with a bit of disbelief. The smile from my son’s face flipped and was now a frown. His head hung low, tears filled his eyes and the thrill from his face faded. I tried to comfort him. His innocence was endearing and my heart melted like the chocolate bar he held in his hand. When you are a child, anything is possible. Dreams are supposed to come true, Batman is real and winning is likely despite the odds. Kit Kat’s slogan is Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat Bar, that day a piece of my son’s innocence was broken off and unfortunately it will not be the last piece.

Each month The Writer’s Digest holds a short story contest. They give you a prompt and a 750 word count, and then the rest, is yours to write. Last month’s prompt was to write a short story about the Strong Man and Bearded Lady, experiencing life as a newly married couple.

I thought I would try my hand at a sci-fi type/mystery short story. After I realized I did not win the contest I tried submitting it to the Alfred Hitchcock magazine and it was rejected. I have decided to post it on my blog because I’m not sure where else it would fit in. Its’ title is SHAVING MY PURPOSE.



 I really believed Sam when he told me married life would be different. It was something about his chocolate browns that made me trust every word that came out of his mouth.     “Del,” he would say, “Once we’re married you can shave that silly beard and I can stop weight lifting so much.” I had visions of us walking into a restaurant like a normal husband and wife. There would be no awkward glances or long disgusted stares. My facial hair would be gone. Maybe I would see myself as he did, pretty. I was excited when I bought my first pack of disposable razors. I was shaving the ugly beard for my man, the man who looked past my beastly features. The man who told me I was beautiful and that together we could do anything.      No more freak shows, no more annoying kids, and best of all, no more traveling. I believed this man. I married this man. I loved everything about him. His muscles were rippled and his smile was captivating. I couldn’t wait for the night we shaved my beard. He promised it would be unforgettable.      I wanted to make sure the night would be just as perfect as our wedding. More perfect, I should say, we got hitched at a Vegas chapel. It wasn’t the wedding I always dreamed of. Beard shaving night would be better than my dreams. I purchased all sorts of romantic scents. I spent too much money on body oils and even splurged on a very expensive edible shaving cream.      He walked through the front door and called out my name. I adjusted the belt of my silk robe, making sure it wasn’t too tight. I ran a quick brush through my hair, squirted his favorite perfume on the back of my neck, cleared my throat and called out seductively “I’m upstairs, waiting for you.” My heart skipped with each step he took. I still couldn’t believe that I, the bearded lady was married to the most handsome man on earth. I was like a school girl waiting for the cute boy to come onto the playground.The only exception was the boy was coming to see me. In school that never happened. The cute boys made fun of me. They were the first one’s to call me a freak.     My mother told me she saw stubble within days of my birth. Her crazy witchdoctor advised her that if she was to shave it I would lose my purpose in life. My mother wasn’t all there. She believed that I was born with a beard for a reason. She scared me and told me never to shave it. As crazy as she was, I should have listened. Sam walked in the bathroom holding a half dozen of roses. He greeted me with a long kiss. “Last kiss before we shave that circus hair.”     I started to feel like something wasn’t right. I couldn’t understand then, but now I know, it was intuition. My stomach flipped and my hands dripped with sweat.      “Trust me,” he whispered. I handed him the razor and edible shaving cream took a deep breath and closed my eyes. He gently lathered the cream over my cheeks and chin. He licked a bit off of my lip and commented on how good it tasted. I expected him to take his time but instead he was rushing. It was not how I pictured the evening to be. If I had any sense I would have got up and ran. A sinister look spread through his chocolate browns. It wasn’t my Sam. A mad chuckle released from his lips the moment he finished the last stroke. “I did it!” He screamed.     I became paralyzed with fear as I watched his muscles expand bigger and his chest pump up two sizes. I grabbed onto my head. It was shrinking. The witchdoctor’s words barreled through my mind. I was losing my purpose. He stole my purpose to strengthen his strength. I’m back at the carnival freak show, where I will stay for the remainder of my life as the Tiny Head Woman. The last I heard he married The Fat Lady. I wonder what he wants with her voice.     

Thirteen Things about MaribethHalloween is approaching and I have costumes on the brain. I have always loved to think of costume idea’s, I usually start thinking the day after Halloween what the next years will be. I came from a family of seven and Halloweens most consisted of Hand-Me-Downs or homemade costumes. The homemade ones were always my favorite and my parents did a great job at creating interesting get-ups. Tonight I am writing thirteen costumes I could remember wearing.

1…Gypsy-Loved,Loved,Loved this costume (so much that my daughter is being a gypsy/fortune teller this year) My mother wrapped a scarf around my head, dressed me, in a long black printed skirt, wrapped a shawl around my shoulders and gave me a black mask that only covered my eyes. It was my all time favorite.

2…Wizard-Yes I know, I’m a girl but still I made a great Merlin. I think this was a purchased costume. But it was way before Harry Potter existed. Thought the beard was cool.

3…Old Woman-I wore an old dress of my mother’s with a babushka wrapped around my head and some grandma looking loafers. My younger sister was the Old Man. We definitely made a funny pair.

4…Bunny-I remember this costume Hung in a closet in my brother’s room. It was one piece and very comfortable. I used to play dress up with the bunny costume long after Halloween was over.

5…Geisha Girl-My father went to Korea on a business trip and brought us home Kimono’s. I tied my hair up with chopsticks and painted my face white. I’m not even sure if a traditional Geisha wears a white face, I think I just look for reasons to paint my face on Halloween

6…Country Bumpkin-Seniors were able to dress up on Halloween day in my High-School. A friend and I wore straw hats, flannels, boys’ jeans and painted freckles on our face with black eyeliner. Easy costume to put together but definitely sweet and cute.

7…Dorothy-It took me forever to get the shoes right. I carried a stuffed doggie in a basket-I rented this costume.

8…Clown. The classic clown suit with the rainbow colored hair and striped one piece suit. I always love to paint my face for Halloween so this was definitely up my alley

9…Fifty’s Chic-A girlfriend and I wore lettermen jackets and our hair in ponytails. We had one of our guy friends dress in a t-shirt, leather jacket and slicked back hair. We were cool :0

10…Joker-I borrowed this costume from my sister-in-law, I had the jester hat, big shoes and a painted on grin that couldn’t go unnoticed.

11…Skeleton-My sister is very artistic which has come in helpful when looking for a face or a costume to be painted. She took a black sweat suit and painted the bones on it. Head to toe, front to back. I had her paint my face to match and I was set to go.

12…Seventy’s Chic-My husband and I went as a couple from the Seventies. I wore bell bottoms, a really high fur hat, wedged heals and lots of psychedelic make-up. We rocked! :0

13…Hobo-Okay; I’m starting to ask myself why I didn’t dress in more girly like costumes. This was an easy one, I found an old beat up coat, fingerless gloves, a hat with earflaps. a brown bag(for my pretend alcohol)and I painted on a five o’clock shadow and some red cheeks to complete the look.
13…Okay I’m adding a second thirteen because this was the best costume my parents ever came up with and I think it should be mentioned.The costume was made for my younger sister. My father took an old box from a T.V. painted it white and drew black dots on it. She was the cutest dice ever. To complete the look she wore a black beret, black sweatpants and black gloves. Clever,Clever,Clever

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Last week I wrote about how I didn’t win the Writer Mama’s writing contest. I was boo-hooing for a bit and feeling rejected. But today I am woo-hooing it and feeling excited. I just found out I won the September 4th give-away from commenting on the Writer Mama’s blog. I am super-super psyched. The books I won will be of great help and be put to good use, just in time for my birthday. So see, life has a way of turning bad days into good. And today is certainly a good one. Be sure to stop by her blog and maybe you will be the next winner. Let me know how it goes. Thank you to Peggy for commenting and letting me know I won. Keep on Writing, Reading, and doing whatever it is that brings a smile to your face. I will be walking around with my smile. I hear it’s the latest trend. :):):)

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