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We are a funny breed. We connect on all different levels and bond over a myriad of things. There are those that share their secrets too easily, others that would never discuss issues of real human substance with you, some that share other’s secrets too quickly and one’s that truly listen when you talk and really won’t tell a soul when you ask them not to.

I have discovered that life is much more enriching when you really learn to love others despite all of their shortcomings and recognize parts of yourself within them. There comes a time in everyone’s life that we celebrate laughter, suffer from guilt, reminisce about childhood, endure sorrow and reflect on who we are and how we came to be.

Life is not about the dollars made, the clothes bought, the title or position, it is about the connections we make along the way.

I am honored to say I have made friends with all sorts of people who have all kinds of stories. I keep a part of each of them in my heart. They have many different faces, practice different religions and experienced various upbringings, yet I share something with all of them. Each of them may know something about me that another doesn’t but only because there is something about them that brings out a part of me that I am willing to share. I may not be able to share everything with everyone but everything I share with another is true and sincere. Listening to another helps you discover who you are and if you don’t take time to engage in relationships then you may forever be lost.



I am a sucker for love. I believe with love you can accomplish anything.

Love is the only thing that you can never have too much of. Think of all the great things that come from Love…


Let love rule your life and you will find it is the best thing to live for!

Today Song is Let Love Rule by Lenny Kravitz



Let Love Rule

Love is gentle as a rose
And love can conquer any war
It’s time to take a stand
Brothers and sisters join hands

We got to let love rule
Let love rule

We got to let love rule
Let love rule

Love transcends all space and time
And love can make a little child smile
Can’t you see this won’t go wrong
But we got to be strong
We can’t do it alone

We got to let love rule
Let love rule

We got to let love rule
Let love rule

I stumbled upon an interesting blog. The writer wrote about how her aunt and her mother would make negative comments toward her and it made me think. I added a comment to her blog –

Sometimes it’s the negative comments we receive that mold us into the best version of ourselves. The best revenge on negativity is to become what no one thought you were capable of becoming. When this happens you will see their comments quickly disappear.

Her post made me think about how I witnessed many people throughout life do exactly what someone told them they could not. 

My sister started out as a hairdresser, she loved the job but never thought she could actually do anything else because according to her she wasn’t smart enough. She began dating an arrogant man who happened to be an occupational therapist. They were having a conversation and he said something that changed her life. He told her she would never be able to do what he does because she didn’t have the brains. Almost instantly she set out to prove him wrong and today she is a thriving OT and thankfully knew enough to kick him to the curb.

When my brother-in-law was a senior in high-school he visited the guidance counsilor to discuss his future. He mentioned that he would like to pursue a degree in bio med or engineering. The guidance counsilor discouraged him, claiming that he just did not have the grades and those goals probably would not be attainable. Fast forward ten years and I am waiting on a woman who informs me she is a guidance counsilor at the school my brother-in-law attended. I asked if she knew him and she said “Yes, I was his guidance counsilor, how is he doing?” I took great pleasure in telling her that he was a graduate of Penn State University with a degree in engineering.

I learned from both of them that sometimes it takes someone not believing in you to believe in yourself. And when you prove the nay sayers wrong you find they either admit they were wrong or stop talking all together.

Prove someone wrong and do something they claimed you couldn’t.

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Skippity Doo Dah – isn’t that the cutest thing?  I overheard my oldest daughter singing to her little sister the other day. Instead of Zippity Doo Daa, she was singing Skippity Doo Dah. I deposited the moment into my memory bank so one day when they are all grown I could think back and remember Skippity Doo Dah.

Life skips by too fast. All we can hope for are wonderful days filled with sunshine.

Search for the silver lining in all of your clouds so that you won’t be stuck in too many storms.


Thirteen Things about MARIBETH

Simple words can convey a lot. I decided that this week I will list thirteen simple words that speak volumes.
As you read each word ponder what that word means to you.










10… LOVE




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I watched intently as he held out his large black hand. He looked at the girl and she knew. She knew he offered her love and protection. She would be safe with him no matter what. No one would ever harm her as long as he was around.

In a blink of an eye, the one who gave the girl a sense of security was gone, never to return. Did he know his time was coming? Could he sense her love for him? Was he scared? If he was he did not show it, perhaps it was another form of protection, emotional instead of physical.

Tears flooded my cheeks and my body trembled with sadness as I watched the giant ape fall from the sky. His eyes searched one last time for the one he so adored. His eyes scanned the crowd until they locked with hers. No words were spoken but I knew they said goodbye.

I was five years old; I cried and cried and cried when King Kong died

Twenty seven years later King Kong was making a return to the box office and I told my father we were going to go. I assured myself that this time I was not going to cry. I was not that little girl anymore. As I watched the large beast fall quickly from the sky my heart moved into my throat and I could feel my eyes begin to swell from tears. I lost control of my emotions, I wasn’t crying, I was blubbering. What was it about this beast that tugged at the strings of my heart?

I drifted off to sleep with King Kong on my mind. It saddened me tremendously to think that he was gone. When I awoke he was still in my thoughts and I decided it was time to try and figure out what his hold on me was.

King Kong is a Soul Story, a tale about two beings connecting without words and having an understanding of each other without needing to verbalize it.

What in my life represented that same tale? A soft voice whispered into my mind-“Your father.” It began to make sense, to me King Kong symbolized my daddy. My father was large in stature, but gentle, he was my protector, the one person I knew would never let me down. He said the words many times but I didn’t need to hear them to know he loved me and would die for me or any of his children if it ever came to that. He was a man that could command fear from the ugliest of people, but he never actually did any harm. Knowing this, I felt safe, just like the girl King Kong loved. When he fell from the building her security blanket fell too. No one could ever take his place.

I came to this realization years ago, long before my father died. Though I knew the day would eventually come, there was something about him that made me believe he was invincible and could never be taken down.

I will forever mourn the loss of my father but I’m thankful to have had one as great as him. King Kong fell from the building but his soul rose to a higher more magnificent place. My Kong may have left me in life but will forever remain in my heart.


Thirteen Things about Maribeth

Have you ever met your guardian angel? I think I have and one day I will share that story. I have a collection of angels that I am very proud of. Each angel represents the person who gave it to me. I love receiving angels as a gift. My cabinet of angels symbolize the love I have received from many wonderful people throughout my life.

This week’s Thursday Thirteen will be about angels.

What do you collect?

1… Cassiel- according to my birthdate this is the name of my archangel. It’s assignation is creative power. I find that interesting because of the fact I love to write.

2… Michael- (His name represents He who is like God)The leader of all archangels. He was also the angel that defeated Lucifer. His symbol is the sword.

3… Angels can come in all shapes, sizes and forms. They usually take on an appearance that is most appealing to the individual requiring their help.

4…Anyone can call on an angel at anytime- All you have to do is ask.

5… Some signs that angels are near include- scents of flowers, distant or faint sounds of bells or chimes and light breezes.

6…Guardian angels are given to us at birth and follow us throughout life. They are our special angels.

7… Raphael is considered the Healer. It is said that if you see speckles of green light Raphael may be around. His season is Spring. He also helps with addiction and safety for traveling.

8…Angel Prayer –

Angel of God
My guardian Dear,
To Whom is love commits me here,
Ever this day (or night)
Be at my side
To light and guard,
To rule and guide.

9… The word angel comes from the Greek angelos and Latin angelas-both meaning messenger

10…Angels in art are often depicted wearing halos and wings

11…Today’s Angel is Angel of Harmony

12…Gabriel –Angel who announced the birth of Jesus to Mary- He advised Nothing is Impossible with God (I try to remember that phrase daily and at very low points)

13…Demons- are the fallen angels. Satan is the ruler of the fallen angels.

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Life can change in the blink of an eye. We go through our days thinking that tomorrow everything will be the same and nothing will change. When change comes, sometimes we are not prepared, but having faith is what can get you through. This week’s Friday’s song is by the Jerry Garcia Band and titled My Sisters and My Brothers. My favorite lyric in the song is-This world is not our home, we are only passing through.

Keep the Faith-at the end of your life you will be happy you had it.

Happy Friday!

Lyrics: Charles Johnson
Music: Charles Johnson

Played with the Jerry Garcia Band from the mid-70s through the 90s

I want to say to my sisters and my brothers
Keep the faith
When the storm flies and the wind blows
Go on at a steady pace
When the battle is fought and the victory’s won
We can all shout together, we have overcome
We’ll talk to the Father and the Son
When we make it to the promised land

If we walk together, little children
We won’t ever have to worry
Through this world of trouble
We’ve got to love one another
Let us take our fellow man by the hand
Try to help him to understand
We can all be together
For ever and ever
When we make it to the promised land

Our bible reads
Thou shalt not be afraid
Of the terror by night
Nor the arrow that flies by day
Nor for the pestilence
That walketh in the darkness
Nor for the destruction
That waiteth in the noonday hour


This world is not our home
We are only passing through
Our trail is all made up
Way beyond the blue
Let us do the very best that we can
While we’re travelin’ through this land
We can all be together
Shaking a hand
When we make it to the promised land


When we make it to the promised land children
Make it to the promised land children
Make it to the promised land children
Make it to the promised land
When we make it to the promised land sisters
Make it to the promised land children
We can all be together, forever and ever
When we make it to the promised land


We can all be together, forever and ever
When we make it to the promised land

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