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If you are reading this post and visited my blog prior to today you have noticed I changed my presentation. I thought it was time. I searched a bit until I found one that I connected with. As soon as I saw the trees and the green and yellow colors I thought perfect. There are many reasons I felt a connection with this theme. The first being, it reminds me of being a little girl. I grew up in the seventies and eighties when life was full of color and wallpaper. I vividly remember the wallpaper that adorned the walls of my parents’ house. It was a landscape of trees. Whenever boredom set in I would lay on the couch with my feet draped over the arm and stare up at it. I imagined living amongst it and hiding behind the trees. It was like having another country or far-away land right above me. It was my first taste of, a fantasy world. There was also a picture that hung in our living room that stretched the length of a very long wall. It was yet another tree. The branches swept across the body of water in front of it and it was painted in autumn (my favorite season) colors. I think I fell in love with trees because of the wallpaper and painting. To me trees represent life. They decorate our scenic masterpieces and provide inspiration to artist of all kinds. Because the title of my blog is Moments and Memories I also thought this presentation would be appropriate. The trees triggered a moment of my childhood that became a memory. This will not be the last time I tinker with the presentation. I love to evolve. I get bored with the same thing over and over. I like to change it up a bit. Whether it be my hair, clothing, jewelry, or home décor my taste is constantly changing to fit my mood. I have learned never to say I don’t like that, whatever that may be, because a year from now I will probably love it. So, there you have it, a new presentation for the mood I’m feeling. What is the mood? Hmm, I think I will call it…Change of Season.


I love jewelry. Wait, let me reiterate that statement. I L-O-V-E jewelry. It does not have to be expensive or come from a glass enclosed case but it does have to be interesting. I prefer something unique and eye catching. To me, jewelry is a conversation piece. It is worth wearing if it sparks up a comment, even if the comment isn’t flattering. If a remark is made than it is definite that it caught someone’s attention. You would think a person who loves jewelry as much as I do would be meticulous about its upkeep. Yeah, you would think. Unfortunately this is not me. I start out with the best intentions. I promise myself with each new piece I will take very good care of it. Sort of like a five-year-old begging for a puppy, promising to feed it, walk it and even help with bath time. The puppy comes and the promises get broken almost immediately. It always happens the same way, the first night I remove my jewelry and proudly tuck it away into its safe haven. The jewelry box I begged my husband to buy me so I could take care of my adornments. The second night I’m too tired to walk upstairs to put it all away, but I do anyway because I made a promise. By the third night I take my bracelets off and set them next to my keyboard, assuring myself they will be fine until morning. It’s not until the next morning I curse myself for not putting it away. I hear small pings scattering across the hardwood floor. At first the noise doesn’t register. I dismiss it as usual background noise.  It’s not odd to hear things hit the floor. Someone is always dropping something and mostly on purpose. About a minute after the noise my thoughts are awakened and I realize what the noise was. It was the sound of small beads falling to the floor after being released from the small stretchy band they were strung upon. It was… my new bracelet. “What was that?” I call out. By this time whoever was responsible for the destruction of my newest favorite piece is pretending to not know what I’m talking about. “What was what?” is the response. I search the floor hoping to see a random marble (even though I know this would have made a heavier sound). I circle around the coffee table looking for a trail of beads. Just as I’m about to exhale and tell myself I was wrong I step on a small pointy object. I know before I even look what I will find. There wedged into my bare sole like it belonged there is a bead to my new bracelet. Luckily, it was actually six bracelets meant to be worn together  (Chunky jewelry-my fave) and five were still left. I gather the remaining five and race upstairs to my bedroom to put them in their proper place. I make another promise to myself. I am an optimist and believe one day I will win the fight with my alter ego. I am also a realist and acknowledge I have many earrings, bracelets, necklaces, scarves, head bands and charms amongst the missing. It was because of the broken promises they were lost and haven’t been found.   I am missing one of the trait’s Virgo’s are known for-“organization” and I would like it found.  

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