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A name says it all. Did you ever meet someone you didn’t care for and decided you didn’t like their name either. Or, the opposite could have happened, you met a beautiful person and their name became beautiful as well. I love thinking up names, whether it be for my children or a character for one of my stories. I am a firm believer that a beautiful name could end up sounding ugly and an ugly name could sound beautiful. It all depends, on the spirit of the person who holds the name.

I am pregnant with my fourth child and we are starting to think of names. I am pretty sure I have a girls name chosen. However, we keep going back and forth on a name for a boy. Therefore, I thought it would be fun to throw it out there into cyberspace and ask what names you think are beautiful. We have two C’s and a J, we are done with C-names but would be open to picking a name starting with the letter J.

Before you send your name, I think I should tell you a bit more about my personal taste. I like a name that is different but not out there, one that you may hear from time to time but not all of the time. An example would be Luke; it is classic and well known but not overly used.Okay, readers give me some names to ponder. You never know you may end up helping me name my fourth child.   

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Thirteen Things about YMaribeth

Wow, I can’t believe it’s Thursday again. Time for another TT. It’s the end of summer, school is starting and Fall is just around the corner. Networks are gearing up for the new television season. I have decided this week to make a list of the television shows I grew up on. I’m sure you will be able to recall a few. Have a great Thursday.

1… Happy Days (Forget the Fonze, I loved Chachi. Pinky Tuscadero was a cool chic but Leather was the coolest. The Mallachi brothers scared me and I sat on the edge of my seat watching the demolition derbies)

2… Laverne and Shirley- Loved these two girls. I probably tried Milk and Pepsi a dozen times hoping I would love it as much as Laverne (I never did). I wanted to love a stuffed animal as much as Shirley loved Boo Boo Kitty (never did) (I loved when Shirley was down she could be cheered up by the song High Hopes-Just what makes that little old ant-Think he’ll move that rubber tree plant…)

3…Mork and Mindy-Na-Nu Na-Nu(I could never get my fingers to do what he did-But I tried like heck)-I thought I looked so cool wearing a pair of those multi-colored suspenders-I would love to have a photo of that now.

4…Dukes of Hazzard- Bo and Luke Duke were such heartbreakers. Every Friday night was a date night with Daddy and the Good Ol’ Boys.(The tomboy in me wanted to jump in a car through the window. I’m sure I would have broke the door if I tried)

5…Fantasy Island- (The plane)I loved the beginning where Mr. Roarke and Tattoo would stand on the island and wait for the plane to come. There was an episode in which mannequins were coming alive. For years I would walk past the mannequins in a store and think they were moving.

6…Waltons-This was a show I would watch after school right before 5:00 dinner. I loved John-Boy (probably because he was the writer) I wanted our family to say goodnight the way they did (it never happened)

7…Little House on the Prairie-My favorite part was in the beginning when they showed them rolling down the hills. I wanted to do that. I have since done it and would do it again, Very Fun

8…Knots Landing-My mother would watch this on Friday nights, I would sneak in and watch. I thought Nicolette Sheridan was the prettiest girl I ever saw.

9…Gimme A Break – I loved Nell and I am still saddened that she died. Who could forget Joey he made the show

10…Facts of Life- I loved the girls on the Facts of Life. I wanted to roller-skate around like Tootie. Blair was such a snob-you loved to hate her. I wanted to be in a boarding school

11…The Love Boat- Loved the Love Boat, Gopher was my favorite. I wanted to be on the cruise ship-I loved seeing what celebrities would come on the ship each week

12…Magical Garden-A local television show about two hippie girls that would play their guitars while swinging on giant swings. Everything was magical, the trees, the flowers, bushes etc. I would love to see this show one more time.

13…Bewitched-I wanted to be Samantha-I thought if I scrunched my nose hard enough and stared at an object without blinking I could make it move. I think one of the hardest things to accept as a child is the fact that we don’t have powers like they do on T.V.

Hope you enjoyed my TT, I would love to hear what your favorite shows were.
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Thirteen Things about YOUR NAME

For this Thursday Thirteen I have decided to write thirteen songs I have loved throughout my life. Their lyrics and melodies made me play them over and over again.

1…. Your So Vain (Carly Simon- I love her-This song has always been one of my favorites and when my nephew was younger he would ask me to play him “Clouds in my Coffee” and he would believe me when I told him I was the one singing on the radio.)

2….Cassidy(A song by the Grateful Dead- I always loved the lyric- You were born to me Cassidy-which explains why I named my daughter that)

3…Unwritten-Natasha Bedingfield(My anthem)

4…Don’t A change my brown eyes blue-Crystal Gale (When I would ask my father why I couldn’t have blue eyes he would sing this song to me)

5…She’s Like The Wind-Patrick Swayze(One of the first nights I met my husband this song was on-a few nights later he called me-I could hear him fumbling with something – He played this to me over the phone and it became our song

6…Unknown Legend-Neil Young-(I absolutely love this song and it reminds me of myself-it talks about a waitress, and a girl who now is dressing two kids and gets the far-away look in her eyes-So me except I have 3 kids-but I know that far away look and what I’m thinking about when I get it-My youth

7….Here Comes The Sun -Beatles- (This song will always put me in a good mood. It’s like the light at the end of the tunnel type of song.)

8…Bartender-Dave Matthews- I get such a melancholy feeling while listening to this song, I feel for the person who lost the love of their life and goes to a bar to try lessen the blow of losing the one

9…Home Sweet Home-Motley Crue- (My childhood friend absolutely loved Motley Crue, we would spend many nights in his back yard listening to them. He made me learn every word of this song and to this day twenty years later I can sing every word

10…You Light Up My Life-Debbie Boone(The first song I ever wanted to know every word to. My sisters had a record player,I took my notebook and sat next to the player until I wrote every word and then I would sing the song very proudly knowing I knew all of the words

11… This one is going to be three songs in one- I have a song with each of my children and thought I would list them as one. My oldest daughter -Close to You-Carpenters(I would sing this to her when she was a baby and it became our song) Moon River-My son- He has curly hair and is a boy’s boy sort of rugged- There is a lyric in this song that says My Huckleberry Finn which reminds me of him- and I loved when Audrey Hepburn sang it in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. You Are My Sunshine-My baby- Her middle name is Rae and this song would naturally come to me when singing to her

12…Seasons In the Sun-Terry Jacks-(Have always loved this song and as morbid as it may sound I have told people that if I die young I would like this song played at my funeral)

13…Coming Around Again-Carly Simon(Again love her)-I love this song even more now that I am a mother-I loved it prior to being a mother but truly appreciate it now. My favorite part is at the end when the children break into Itsy Bitsy Spider

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Okay, let me introduce myself. You can call me Mar, pronounced-Mare-short for Maribeth. Having a long name almost guarantees it will be shortened at some point or another. Heck having a short name may guarantee the same.

I have come to love my shortened name. As a young girl my mother would cringe when hearing someone call me by anything other than my birth name. “Maribeth is such a pretty name, don’t let others ruin it,” she would say.

But I felt differently. The fact that someone shortened my name made me feel like I belonged. I found it much cooler to be called Mar than Maribeth, and I didn’t like being called Mary for any reason.

I have had other nicknames at various times in my life. I was Nini(Nee-Nee) as a child. This name was given to me by my youngest sister because she could not pronounce my birth name. So Nini I was- until about thirteen. 

Once I entered my teens I branched outside of my inner community and Nini became a long ago name. 

At about seventeen we welcomed my first nephew into this world. I shared a special bond with him. When he was a toddler, he couldn’t pronounce my name let alone put “Aunt” in front of it, so to him I became FA FA. I nicknamed him Chico-for what reason I can’t recall. For a good five years, maybe longer. We were known as Chico and Fa Fa. Catchy right? I thought so

Then I met my husband. His family is a fun bunch and couldn’t understand that my name was Maribeth not Mary. My husband reminded them many times but still they called me “Mary” With each “Mary” I would cringe. 

Then finally, his oldest sister thougt it was funny to say”Here comes Mary Foo Foo.” From that moment his family stopped calling me Mary and started calling me Foo Foo, or an occasional Foof. I was just thankful they stopped calling me Mary.

Then when I was about twenty-five, my first born looked up at me with her round green eyes smiled and called me Mom. A name I hope will stay with me until my last day here on earth.

The funny thing is- I think each name that was chosen for me brought out a different characteristic that may have not come out without the name.

As Mar, I felt cool, like one of the gang-maybe even tough. As Nini- I felt young, likeable, noteable, rememberable.

 As Fa-Fa I felt like the cool aunt. We shared a bond that was created by the name he chose for me.

As Foo Foo, I felt liked by a family other than my own.

The older I get, I learn to embrace the name Mary. It’s not so bad, it’s actually a beautiful name, but one I had to grow into.

So whether I’m Maribeth-Mar-Nini-FaFa-Foo Foo, Foof, Mary or Mom-most importantly I am me. Thanks to others their nicknames have helped me know myself a little better and made my life a bit more colorful.

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