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Thirteen Things about  Maribeth
 In relation to me changing my blog presentation this week, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about trees. I love trees. They are the decorations that put beauty into landscapes. This is a tribute to thirteen trees and what they symbolize.

1…. Weeping Willow-(My all time favorite)-Willow tree symbolism- magic, healing, inner vision, dreams

2...Pine Trees (Reminds me of my childhood) Pine tree symbolism - creativity, life, longevity, immortality

3... Palm Trees (Represents places I would like to see) Palm tree symbolism- peace and opportunity

4...Birch Trees (I remember doing a Birch tree in Art Class and I loved how its trunk was striped) Birch tree symbolism- new beginnings, cleansing of past, vision quests

 4...Apple Trees (Makes you feel homey)  Apple tree symbolism- magic, youth, beauty, happiness

5...Chestnut Trees (The first boy I fell in love with lived in a house with a big Chestnut tree in the backyard. Chestnut trees symbolize LOVE.

5...Maple Trees (To me they represent richness and depth) Maple tree symbolism- balance, promise, practicality

6...Fig Tree (Reminds me of an older Italian couple my husband cut grass for in his youth. The husband would come out in his Sunday Clothes and pick figs from the tree.) Fig Tree symbolism-Divination,Fertility,Love

7...Lemon Tree (How Fun!)Longevity,purification,friendship,love

8...Oak Tree (I see it as sturdy,The one who has the most wisdom)Oak Tree Symbolism-Protection,Health,Money,Healing,Potency,Fertility,Luck

8...Cherry Trees (Cherry Blossoms are awesome trees and really know how to brighten a day) Cherry Symbolism-Death and rebirth, new akakenings.

9...Pear Tree (Reminds me of my neighbors' yard when I was a little girl. We hoped the pears would fall into our yard so we could taste them. Pear Tree symbolism-Lust,Love (Who would have thought?)

9...Bonsai Trees (The Karate Kid, I was captivated by these tiny trees after watching the Mr. Miyagi carefully take care of them) The only symbolis I found on these trees are Endurance.

10...Elm Trees (When bare they can be very haunting) Strength of will, intuition

11...Maple Tree (Absolutely gorgeous in Fall-The color is magnificient) Maple Tree Symbolism-


12...Magnolia-(Romantic and whimsical)Magnolia Tree Symbolism-Fidelity

13...MONEY TREE (I have been searching for this one for a long time, if anyone knows its whereabouts please do tell :)

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If you are reading this post and visited my blog prior to today you have noticed I changed my presentation. I thought it was time. I searched a bit until I found one that I connected with. As soon as I saw the trees and the green and yellow colors I thought perfect. There are many reasons I felt a connection with this theme. The first being, it reminds me of being a little girl. I grew up in the seventies and eighties when life was full of color and wallpaper. I vividly remember the wallpaper that adorned the walls of my parents’ house. It was a landscape of trees. Whenever boredom set in I would lay on the couch with my feet draped over the arm and stare up at it. I imagined living amongst it and hiding behind the trees. It was like having another country or far-away land right above me. It was my first taste of, a fantasy world. There was also a picture that hung in our living room that stretched the length of a very long wall. It was yet another tree. The branches swept across the body of water in front of it and it was painted in autumn (my favorite season) colors. I think I fell in love with trees because of the wallpaper and painting. To me trees represent life. They decorate our scenic masterpieces and provide inspiration to artist of all kinds. Because the title of my blog is Moments and Memories I also thought this presentation would be appropriate. The trees triggered a moment of my childhood that became a memory. This will not be the last time I tinker with the presentation. I love to evolve. I get bored with the same thing over and over. I like to change it up a bit. Whether it be my hair, clothing, jewelry, or home décor my taste is constantly changing to fit my mood. I have learned never to say I don’t like that, whatever that may be, because a year from now I will probably love it. So, there you have it, a new presentation for the mood I’m feeling. What is the mood? Hmm, I think I will call it…Change of Season.

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