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I have not written a blog post in months. Today, I am inspired to write one because September is my favorite month. The number one reason I love this month is because it is my b-day month and the number two reason is because of the Writer Mama’s September Giveaway. The Writer Mama writes a fantastic daily blog and each September has a super fun giveaway. Be sure to stop by and leave a comment.

Good Luck.

Happy September 🙂

I hate yard sales. I don’t hate going to them I hate having them. Every time I have ever attempted to have a yard sale it has been a complete failure. I would go into it with high hopes. I’d count the money in my head long before the first quarter was made. Unfortunately I never made much more than a quarter. Albeit most of the stuff I was hoping to free myself from was clutter, to someone else I knew it could be a find. There was one time I stayed up the whole night organizing my rummage into neat little piles. I had fancy shoes, sporty shoes, hanging about shoes and even cute little comfy never before worn slippers. They were not cheap shoes. Most were bought on a whim to go with one outfit. I really took my time on deciding their prices. I knew if I was going to make a profit the shoes were my best chance. In my mind my prices were reasonable, maybe even a steal. I didn’t mark any of them for more than five bucks even though I paid much more myself. After hours of tagging my shoes, clothes and anything extra I found lying around the house I went to bed with a smile. I was proud of myself for taking the time to make everything presentable. I jumped out of bed in the morning with enthusiasm. The enthusiasm quickly faded when I looked out the window and saw it pouring out. I tried to remain optimistic. Instead of a yard sale I would have a porch sale. After all, my porch was big enough to fit everything I was selling. The second sign of doom was when my three year old nephew ran up onto the porch. He was frantically searching for something kid friendly. He bumped into my Hagar sculptures and broke the head off. It was the most expensive item I had out. I think a person would be a fool to spend fifteen dollars for a piece with a glued on head. The sun came out and I was beginning to get hopeful. Cars were starting to line up and down the street. This was going to be it. I smiled as the people entered through my gate. I politely waved as they exited empty handed. A few women gathered around the shoes but I knew immediately their small frames were more like a size six than my gigantic size nines. One woman seemed to be interested she tried on a few pair and walked around in a circle testing them out. She held up the box and asked, “How much for these.” They were a pair I purchased but never wore. “Five dollars,” I answered. When I saw the look of disgust sweep across her face I felt it necessary to explain they were never worn and still in the original box. I sold those shoes for… a quarter. Today my parents decided they were going to have their yearly yard sale. I had no plans on being a part of it and went over for a visit. It was chaos, visually and mentally. Between my brother and sisters we have seven children. All seven children were at the yard sale. They were shopping amongst the other patrons. That alone puts added stress to the day, try explaining to seven year olds and younger that the things lying across Noni and Nono’s yard are for others to buy not for them. Between hollers of “What will you take for this,” and shouts of “Mom I really want to buy this,” a sane person can easily lose their mind. Moods changed, bickering began and before I knew it there was a family feud. I was at the edge of insanity and then the most hysterical thing happened. A woman called out to my father and asked “How much for these shoes.” He yelled back “Five dollars,” explaining they had a steel toe. “There’s no steel toe”, she replied. He looked puzzled but continued to tell her he spent forty dollars on them and wanted at least five. She set the shoes down and went across to the other side of the yard. “Mar, I didn’t want to sell those shoes,” he whispered. Someone put his new shoes out amongst the sale items. “Do you want me to go get them?” I asked. “Wait until she leaves so it doesn’t look weird,” he replied. In the mean time I got distracted by my two-year old telling me she had to go potty. When I came back outside onto the porch I saw the lady paying my sister for the shoes my father didn’t want to sell. I looked over at him and watched as he watched her walk away with his brand new, pricey New Balance sneakers. He sold the shoes he didn’t want to sell for five dollars and at my yard sale I sold the shoes I had marked for five dollars for a quarter. Life has a funny way of putting a comical moment in at the right time to make the scene a bit lighter. Out of twenty pairs of nice looking shoes out on the lawn the only ones that sold were his.     

Thirteen Things about Maribeth

There’s nothing like smelling a good perfume. I have purchased or received many great fragrances. Today’s thirteen is about perfumes I have owned, loved, or got sick of.

1… Coco Mademoiselle-Chanel (My all time favorite. It is a perfect fall/winter scent-it smells so delicious it is almost edible)

2… Adrienne Vittadini-(Great deep smell, after two bottles I began to think it had more of a masculine smell-but still loved it

3… AV-Adrienne Vittadini (Fresh and cool, loved this one-would definitely buy again-cool bottle(I’m a sucker for a pretty bottle)

4… Extravagance-Givenchy (Fruity and sugary smelling-just a dab of this perfume is more than enough-too much can be overpowering)

5… Black-Kenneth Cole (received as a birthday gift- Initially I thought it was a bit strong but after a while it grew on me and became one of my all time favorites. Hints of citrus-I have been asked what type of shampoo I used when wearing this.

6… Nature-BCBG Girls-(Another fresh smelling scent-I tend to like spicy or fresh. I have received many compliments on this perfume- Hints of tangerine)

7…Sexual Madness-Fragrant Oil (Bought this years ago at a Vendor in the middle of the mall-It was the best smelling oil ever. I kick myself for not stocking up on it and now I cannot find it.

8…Happy-Clinique-Light and Sweet -(liked smell but was disappointed how quickly it wore off)

9…Design-Paul Sebastian-(At one point I loved this perfume so much I would spray it on my robe so it was the first thing I smelled when I got out of the shower-Now it is way too sweet for me, I’m not sure I could wear it again-Maybe I used too much of it I made myself sick of it)

10… Provocative Woman-Elizabeth Arden-(Very Spicy -love the warmth of this smell-it’s definitely a head turning scent)

11…Curve Soul- Liz Claiborne-The bohemian in me loves this scent-Earthy but light-Makes you feel like you have depth

12…Burberry- Great! I got this as a handy-me-down from a friend who had an extra bottle. I was so sad when I used the last spritz

13…Poison…My hubby bought this for me one of our first christmas’s together. As long as you don’t over spray it’s a great winter smell. I would like to purchase this again to see if it brings flashbacks.

What’s your favorite perfume? Any suggestions, I am always up for a new scent. A girl can’t have enough.

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Thirteen Things about YOUR NAME

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     We arrived early on Saturday night to set up the Bingo tent. It was our church’s bazaar and we were responsible to run Bingo. My daughter’s eyes widened when she saw the microphone. “Is that a real microphone?” she asked. “Yes, but only the Bingo caller is allowed to use it,” I explained. “Please can I sing Hey there Delilah?” (A very popular song that is now all over the air-waves) My sister nodded “Go ahead, there are not too many people here yet.” She grasped onto the microphone and quietly began to sing. Her soulful green eyes stayed fixed on me. I looked into them and found perspective. There she was, my seven-year-old rock star singing a tune to me. The words she sang were someone else’s but the story her eyes told were all her own. It was not a story about some girl named Delilah a thousand miles away. This was the tale of a young girl loving what she was doing and hoped her mother was proud. I saw myself in those eyes. I am a part of her as she is me. I want for her what became absent in me. She is right to believe that life is full of possibilities and if singing is what she loves to do then she will find her stage to perform and an audience to cheer her on. Some where at some point, I grew up, as all children do, and my dreams trailed and reality set in. I recognized the realism of the adult world. We tuck away the fantasies and illusions and accept that our chances were missed. It’s through our children we get another chance. Another chance to experience success and marvel in the thought of what life may bring. The trick is to be aware of the balance. Though we are a part of their life, it is their life. They may make the same bad choices we made. Our stomachs twist at the thought of that. It is possible they will make worse. Our stomachs rise to our throats thinking about that. But what if they make better choices? What if they live their dreams? How wonderful would that be to watch the extensions of us become their fantasy. The thought of that is exciting and makes life interesting all over again. My daughter may change her mind a thousand times before she knows what her true passion is. Or she might be rocking on some stage ten years from now. And when they interview her on some trendy talk show and ask her when it was she knew what she wanted to be, maybe she will say “The day I sang to my mother under some Bingo tent.”  Maybe she saw something in my eyes like I saw in hers. Something that lead her to believe she could be exactly who she dreamt of being.

Thirteen Things about YOUR NAME

For this Thursday Thirteen I have decided to write thirteen songs I have loved throughout my life. Their lyrics and melodies made me play them over and over again.

1…. Your So Vain (Carly Simon- I love her-This song has always been one of my favorites and when my nephew was younger he would ask me to play him “Clouds in my Coffee” and he would believe me when I told him I was the one singing on the radio.)

2….Cassidy(A song by the Grateful Dead- I always loved the lyric- You were born to me Cassidy-which explains why I named my daughter that)

3…Unwritten-Natasha Bedingfield(My anthem)

4…Don’t A change my brown eyes blue-Crystal Gale (When I would ask my father why I couldn’t have blue eyes he would sing this song to me)

5…She’s Like The Wind-Patrick Swayze(One of the first nights I met my husband this song was on-a few nights later he called me-I could hear him fumbling with something – He played this to me over the phone and it became our song

6…Unknown Legend-Neil Young-(I absolutely love this song and it reminds me of myself-it talks about a waitress, and a girl who now is dressing two kids and gets the far-away look in her eyes-So me except I have 3 kids-but I know that far away look and what I’m thinking about when I get it-My youth

7….Here Comes The Sun -Beatles- (This song will always put me in a good mood. It’s like the light at the end of the tunnel type of song.)

8…Bartender-Dave Matthews- I get such a melancholy feeling while listening to this song, I feel for the person who lost the love of their life and goes to a bar to try lessen the blow of losing the one

9…Home Sweet Home-Motley Crue- (My childhood friend absolutely loved Motley Crue, we would spend many nights in his back yard listening to them. He made me learn every word of this song and to this day twenty years later I can sing every word

10…You Light Up My Life-Debbie Boone(The first song I ever wanted to know every word to. My sisters had a record player,I took my notebook and sat next to the player until I wrote every word and then I would sing the song very proudly knowing I knew all of the words

11… This one is going to be three songs in one- I have a song with each of my children and thought I would list them as one. My oldest daughter -Close to You-Carpenters(I would sing this to her when she was a baby and it became our song) Moon River-My son- He has curly hair and is a boy’s boy sort of rugged- There is a lyric in this song that says My Huckleberry Finn which reminds me of him- and I loved when Audrey Hepburn sang it in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. You Are My Sunshine-My baby- Her middle name is Rae and this song would naturally come to me when singing to her

12…Seasons In the Sun-Terry Jacks-(Have always loved this song and as morbid as it may sound I have told people that if I die young I would like this song played at my funeral)

13…Coming Around Again-Carly Simon(Again love her)-I love this song even more now that I am a mother-I loved it prior to being a mother but truly appreciate it now. My favorite part is at the end when the children break into Itsy Bitsy Spider

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It’s that time of year. The heat from the sun is suffocating and back yards are filled with screaming kids. You need a break from the heat. Something that will cool you down and calm down the kids. Hmm, what could that be? A pool you say? No not a pool. Shade? Getting close but not quite. I’ll give you a hint. It requires standing in line and making a choice. Okay, I made you wait long enough. Ice Cream! Summer is not summer without a visit to your local ice cream parlor. The options are endless. There is something for everyone and every taste. Chocolate, Vanilla, or maybe a twist. If you are the daring kind and like adventure, you could opt for the dips. They come in all flavors. The kind that harden before the girl hands them over. The coating cracks with the first lick and melts deliciously into a wave of flavor. Sugar cones, waffles cones, pretzel cones all make delicious edible dishes for your ice cream. If you’re not into soft ice cream there are flavors galore in the hard ice cream category. A few of my favorite are butter pecan, mint chocolate chip and of course pistachio. I guess I’m most easily tempted by an ice cream of a different color. When your not in the mood for a traditional ice cream you still have options. Milkshakes, malts, italian ice,slushies, chocolate covered strawberries or banannas and the very popular gelato are all fun selections. For me nothing can beat a sundae. It’s a bit of everything thrown in one dish. You can custom make them to fit your cravings. I know flurries, blizzards and all these chilly named mixes come close, but they are not the same as a sundae. Where I live there is an old fashioned ice cream parlor. It’s opened all year long. So whenever my desire for my special sundae pops up I can take a short drive to fullfill my yearning. Although I’ve considered many times to try a different sundae I stick with my old trusty favorite. Are you ready, it’s a doozy, I made it up myself. Well not completely but I did alter it. I think I have made the girls cringe many times when I stepped up to the counter to place my order. I have it down pat and the words roll off of my tongue perfectly. “I will have a… Chocolate marshmallow pecan sundae, with extra pecans and dusty road topping please,” Without fail each time, the girls eyes widen and her mouth drops and then I remember I forgot the most important thing. “I’m sorry but can I also have extra whip cream.” I hate that I have to make someone else want to run when they see me coming. But, my sundae has to have all of the above to merit my consumption. Unless it’s perfection the calories or the pound I gain will not be worth it. Okay now the fun begins. I told you mine now I want you to tell me yours. Leave a comment and let me know what your favorite treat is at the ice cream parlor. Is it a Bananna Split, or a Chocolate Peanut Butter milkshake? Whatever it may be post it here. Everyone and Anyone is welcomed. The more the better. Help make this a fun read. Enjoy the rest of your summer and hope the lines aren’t too long at your favorite ice-cream joint.

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