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Remember every choice has a consequence. You may kid yourself by convincing yourself that a bad choice feels right. The bad choices are the easiest ones to make. It’s the right choices that feels like work.

You can fool some people but there are others who will always know your true intentions. Often, they are the ones that keep quiet.

Don’t fool yourself, you are not fooling them.

Tonight friends and I engaged in a deep conversation about relationships. Everyone has had relationships that they needed to end for one reason or another. After listening to many different stories I came up with a conclusion. If you see a quality that you hate to love about yourself inside someone else maybe it’s best you choose to let that person go before you become the worst that you could be.

I stumbled upon an interesting blog. The writer wrote about how her aunt and her mother would make negative comments toward her and it made me think. I added a comment to her blog –

Sometimes it’s the negative comments we receive that mold us into the best version of ourselves. The best revenge on negativity is to become what no one thought you were capable of becoming. When this happens you will see their comments quickly disappear.

Her post made me think about how I witnessed many people throughout life do exactly what someone told them they could not. 

My sister started out as a hairdresser, she loved the job but never thought she could actually do anything else because according to her she wasn’t smart enough. She began dating an arrogant man who happened to be an occupational therapist. They were having a conversation and he said something that changed her life. He told her she would never be able to do what he does because she didn’t have the brains. Almost instantly she set out to prove him wrong and today she is a thriving OT and thankfully knew enough to kick him to the curb.

When my brother-in-law was a senior in high-school he visited the guidance counsilor to discuss his future. He mentioned that he would like to pursue a degree in bio med or engineering. The guidance counsilor discouraged him, claiming that he just did not have the grades and those goals probably would not be attainable. Fast forward ten years and I am waiting on a woman who informs me she is a guidance counsilor at the school my brother-in-law attended. I asked if she knew him and she said “Yes, I was his guidance counsilor, how is he doing?” I took great pleasure in telling her that he was a graduate of Penn State University with a degree in engineering.

I learned from both of them that sometimes it takes someone not believing in you to believe in yourself. And when you prove the nay sayers wrong you find they either admit they were wrong or stop talking all together.

Prove someone wrong and do something they claimed you couldn’t.

Learning something new is challenging and very rewarding. A while ago I mentioned that I am starting my own business (actually I already started my corporation). Soon, I will let everyone know what the product is (everyone should have one). In order to bring my idea to fruition, it was necessary that I learned to sew. With the help of a great friend and a terrific mother-in-law, I officially know how to sew. I am no where near perfect yet, but I am anal so I am certain that eventually I will be sewing perfectly (I strive for perfection).I spent over fifteen hours on and off today sewing in hopes that I can donate my product to my children’s Halloween basket raffle (it is not a basket). I thought, what better way to get the word out there then to start at a family oriented function (it is a family keepsake item).
I am truly exhausted, I have had many highs today and many lows but overall I feel great that I learned something new. Many people stop trying to learn things the older they get. When I threaded the sewing machine today I realized that I now know something today that I did not know yesterday and it felt good. I forgot how fun it is to learn a new skill.

What new skill have you learned lately?

I saw that a link was made to my blog by Huffington Post. I was curious to see what that was all about, so I headed on over to their site. It’s a website dedicated to celebrities talking politics. As I mentioned in my last post this unnerves me, but the vulgar used by a young celebrity made it even worse. There is a clip showing Hayden Panettiere (it’s supposed to be funny) advising why you shouldn’t vote for John McCain. The only thing I heard her say was the F word repeatedly.
I love Heroes and she is one of my favorite characters on that show but hearing her speak so ugly tainted my view of her and took away from her beauty.
I commend anyone who encourages young people to vote (I am young myself). I have a quirky sense of humor. I have used that word before, but using that word among friends and family who already really know who I am is different. The only thing we know about celebrities is what we are given by the media. I am sure she is a nice girl but does she really want to be viewed as lacking class.
I have always valued myself as being a free spirit and encourage my daughter’s to be the same. If Hayden really wants change (as do I) then she must first understand that change comes within and speaking like this only brings hatred.
Grace is missing from today’s world and no one seems to notice. A woman who is educated and uses her words carefully will catch my attention quicker than a girl who throws out the f-word just to be heard. All I could think of while watching her was Ill. In the beginning of the segment, she said she knew she was Hot enough to hold the viewers attention for thirty seconds. This may be true but eventually that hot young girl will become a middle-aged woman and if the only thing she is remembered for was being hot and speaking ugly then what did she do to change the world for the better. Nothing!

I am not about to talk politics. I don’t particularly care to engage in a topic that would generate such heat. However, something annoys me to no end. Celebrities using their platforms to influence the public to vote one way or the other makes me want to puke. So and so endorses Obama or The Whatchamacalits decided to endorse McCain. Why does someone think that because they sing or act their opinions matter more than the rest of ours? If we were a fan of theirs, we would surely vote the way they do because their opinion must be the right one.
A writer is taught not to preach, it is a turn off to the reader. I think celebrities should be taught the same, discretion is much more attractive. Once you stand on one platform or the other you isolate yourselves from a large group of people (whether it be democrats or republicans), a month from now we will have a new president regardless.
There is a quote I love by William Butler Yeats-All empty souls tend toward extreme opinions. I am not saying celebrities have souls that are empty (there are many that do extreme good) but talk is cheap and it is usually the ones that are talking the loudest that do the least.
It’s like seeing a beautiful woman or man and having this idea of who they must be, then all of the sudden something they say ruins the first impression. You never see them the way you once did.

Thirteen Things about Maribeth
With four kids, a husband and two dogs life is guaranteed to get hectic at times. Chaos is what I know. I have had people ask me on many occasions, “How do you do it?” My answer is always the same, “There is a place in my mind that I go when life becomes frantic. I run through a field of flowers with a bandanna wrapped around my head, the sun is shining, birds are chirping and I am singing (okay so I’m singing off-key but no one could hear me so who cares). However, before I could run too far something always happens to jerk me back into reality, like tripping over a sneaker and falling flat onto my face while taking the bowl of cereal that I slapped off the cupboard in mid-fall with me.

Sure, there are days I envision jumping off a bridge rather than running through a field of flowers. It’s on those days that I remind myself that one day it will be the chaos I miss.
This week I will list thirteen daily guarantees with a family of six.

1…The garbage can seems to always be full

2… The dishwasher fills up very quickly. (Even with a dishwasher, the sink still accumulates dishes)

3… You can do three loads of laundry a day and still have more.

4… There is someone always hungry. (Despite the fact they just ate)

5… There is always someone thirsty (You pour one drink, sit down to do something and then someone else advises that they are now thirsty too.)

6… There is a spill at least once a day (Last night I salvaged the cheez-its my children left out in the rain only to have them fall out of the cupboard onto the freshly vacuumed floor minutes later)

7… Arguments are happening at all times (I was sitting there, I was watching TV first, Mom said it was my turn on the computer. Note to mother’s, it’s usually moments like this that I try to find my field of flowers)

8… There is never enough hot water for everyone to get a bath or shower (showers and baths must be spaced out over a few hours.)

9… There is always a mess somewhere (Trying to keep a tidy house with four kids is like trying to keep an up-do in a wind tunnel)

10… There are always too many lights on. I am constantly switching off lights to try to conserve energy.

11… Something always goes missing (like a homework assignment or a test that needed to be signed.)

12… Hugs and kisses happen constantly (This guarantee I like)

13…Everything will happen all at once as soon as you get the phone call you were waiting all day to receive.

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We are all of different race, religion, body shape, gender and all possess different personalities. But the one thing we all have in common is LOVE. Love is universal and it has nothing to do with color, social class or body size.  If we all embraced love a little more the world would be a much better place.

This week I chose Bob Marley’s One Love for the Friday song.

Tell someone today that you love them and you just might make their day.


Happy Friday!



One Love, One Heart
Let’s get together and feel all right
Hear the children crying (One Love)
Hear the children crying (One Heart)
Sayin’ give thanks and praise to the Lord and I will feel all right
Sayin’ let’s get together and feel all right
Let them all pass all their dirty remarks (One Love)
There is one question I’d really like to ask (One Heart)
Is there a place for the hopeless sinner
Who has hurt all mankind just to save his own?
Believe me
One Love, One Heart
Let’s get together and feel all right
As it was in the beginning (One Love)
So shall it be in the end (One Heart)
Give thanks and praise to the Lord and I will feel all right
One more thing
Let’s get together to fight this Holy Armageddon (One Love)
So when the Man comes there will be no no doom (One Song)
Have pity on those whose chances grove thinner
There ain’t no hiding place from the Father of Creation
Sayin’ One Love, One Heart
Let’s get together and feel all right
I’m pleading to mankind (One Love)
Oh Lord (One Heart)
Give thanks and praise to the Lord and I will feel all right
Let’s get together and feel all right

Everyone reading this blog knows someone or of someone that died. We all grieve at some point, it’s one of life’s guarantees. There are supposedly stages of grieving and a process that individuals go through that eventually leads them to acceptance. Many of you know I lost my father recently and to be honest I could write a blog a day about him for the rest of my life and still never get sick of writing about him.

Lisa Williams was in our area earlier this week. My sisters, a friend and her mother and myself decided to go. Lisa is a medium/clairvoyant who claims she can speak to spirits. I was raised that you should not believe in psychics or fortune tellers and should not consult them with concerns about the future. I want to say upfront I agree with this. The future is not ours to see and if it was, I don’t want someone else telling me what mine will be. I am however a very spiritual being and believe that once we die our spirit goes to a different dimension which I happen to believe is heaven or the roads to heaven. I believe because we are all of spirit there is a way to connect with the energy of those who passed, because, the spirit doesn’t die. Which is what Lisa Williams does.

I promise at a later time, I will devote a blog to the evening spent with Lisa Williams, my father came through and in a big way. I am a very symbolic person and I do not believe in Coincidence. To me all things happen for a reason and All Things Are Possible With God! After my father’s death, I looked for signs that he was okay or just reassurances that he was still with us in spirit. I found many.

One that I will share today is the deliverance of Honeysuckle. My father loved honeysuckle and when my sister and I were little girls he would take us to the honeysuckle bush in his backyard, pull off the bud and tell us we can sample the sap it produced. It didn’t have much of a taste but it was certainly sweet in a smooth way. Fast-forward thirty years, we are sitting in his hospital room, he just died and I whisper to my older sister, “I wish I asked Daddy what his favorite flower was.” I had forgotten about his love of the honeysuckle. After I returned home I cried all night into the early morning hours. Day was just about to break and I walked into my backyard. I looked up into the sky and just stared hoping I would see some type of sign from him. I knew our bond was strong enough to cross a universe and I was expecting to see something. I wasn’t expecting to smell something.

A breeze blew past me and an overwhelming smell enveloped me. I sniffed at the air, I knew the smell was familiar but I couldn’t recall what it was. The realization of what it was spun my head around, I looked into his backyard (we were neighbors), and there in full bloom was his honeysuckle bush. I immediately knew that it was his energy I  felt. He was letting me know his favorite flower by wrapping the scent around me. A feeling of elation zipped through my body and I was certain that we connected. I don’t need science to prove it for me, that’s the nice thing about faith, once you have it you believe.

I am sure many people have had similar occurrences and maybe some feel funny about sharing them because they are afraid that the skeptics will take away from the greatness of that moment. The purpose of this blog post is to encourage others to share their experiences, signs or connections they received from loved ones who have passed. Please leave a comment if you have had an experience of your own. I would love to read about it.

Thirteen Things about Maribeth

As I mentioned earlier in the week, Monday was my birthday. Birthday’s are to be celebrated, regardless of your age. Aging brings wisdom and that in itself is a wonderful gift to receive. I must admit however, sometimes I wish I did not know now what I did not know then. Once the light bulb (wisdom) turns on it gets harder to be the person you once were. This week I celebrated my birthday with thirteen very special women. Each one of them brings something different to my life and I would not want to live without any one of them. I received great gifts, much more than I needed but I would be lying if I said it wasn’t fun opening them. Here are thirteen fabulous gifts received. (Maybe a few more than thirteen)
1…Yankee Candle and a pair of hoop earrings (Thanks big sis)

2…A great tote bag by L.L. Bean and the Notebook DVD (Donna, what a friend.)

3…A year subscription to Cosmo (Rachelle, always known for her unique gifts)

4… The Instuction:Living the Life Your Soul Intended (I am already 75 pages into this thought provoking book by Ainslie Macleod- It’s easy to be a deep thinker when you have a friend like Jessica)

5… Half of my dinner (sushi) paid for, a great water bottle and Moana Lotion (Little Sis, loved her gift)

6… Grapesicle Lotion, Spray, and more lotion and spray from Victoria Secrets (Thanks to Heidi, I will be smelling good enough to eat)

7… Salt and Pepper Mill from Pampered Chef (Nicole knows how much I love fresh ground pepper)

8…A beautiful bracelet that looks like chain links but when you turn it sideways they spell God (My sister-in-law Renee knows how serious I am about my faith)

9… A Lia Sophia brown chunky bracelet and an awesome brown sweater to match (Kristen knows my taste. I am always looking for a zippie or a sweater to throw on and this one is my new favorite)

10…Lottery Tickets (Lori knows how much I love a scratch off, but unfortunately I didn’t win)

11…Cash (my mother knows that a married mother of four can always use some cash of her own)

12…Dinner (My hubby is taking me to dinner Friday night and I cannot wait)

13. An awesome pink hoody from Talbots (Big Big Sis-Love It!)

Opening the gifts was awesome but having everyone I love take time to celebrate my day was priceless. I am a lucky lady. I hope all of them know just how much I love them.

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