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I’ve walked the roads with drifters, sinners, lovers and misfits. I’ve cried with the beaten and struggled with the damned. The battles I listened about were ones I’ve never endured, but yet I felt their pain. In every single face I saw my own. I understood that the situations that felt so unimaginable to me could become my reality too. I’ve learned never to judge because when you do, funny things happen. You find yourself in your own version of their struggles. It’s in those moments that their behaviors make perfect sense. And you say to yourself, aah I thought I would handle this differently.

You walk paths and take journey’s meeting members of your tribe along the way. You share stories of youth, sing to the music, spend days passing time doing what’s required of you in order to survive. Just as you think things will never change or people will never leave they do. It doesn’t set in until a handful of those people are gone that you realize they were important in your life at one time. They’ve disappeared from your now, becoming your past, while continuing to be someone else’s present.
Tribes come together then drift apart but sometimes we’re lucky to have those chance encounters where we all meet up again. And when that happens, a part of us that was missing returns and we remember how good it once felt to be together.

Today wraps up Poetry month. I had fun writing poems but I will be the first to admit I have much more to learn when it comes to writing poetry. Still, I gave it my best shot. The prompt for the last day of poems over at Poetic Asides was Farewell.

To bid farewell to someone or something is not always easy and sometimes heartbreaking. Everything that lives must die. But everything that dies does not need to be forgotten.

Memento Mori

Chats on the backyard swing
Smoking under the train bridge
Sunday dinners at noon
Life is passing by

Laughing at an inside joke
Cookouts in the country
Walks along the railroad tracks
Days forever gone. Why?

Curfews and crazy days
Sitting on the front porch
Loving for the first time
Everything born must die

Farewell to all things loved
Cherished memories will remain
In my dreams, you all resurface
One day, together we will fly.


We have only one life so live it well

Hug and kiss those you love.

If you have something to say, tell.


Live for the moment, but know the end will come.

Cherish each day .

Dance to your own music, if you can’t sing, hum.


Make memories, make friends, make love

Engage yourself

Lift the spirits of others and help them rise above


Today is here and yesterday has past

Tomorrow may not come

Embrace life, savor it, and enjoy it why it lasts.




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