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Remember every choice has a consequence. You may kid yourself by convincing yourself that a bad choice feels right. The bad choices are the easiest ones to make. It’s the right choices that feels like work.

You can fool some people but there are others who will always know your true intentions. Often, they are the ones that keep quiet.

Don’t fool yourself, you are not fooling them.

Have you all seen the commercials for the new ABC comedy, In the Motherhood? We finally have a show about the funny and not so funny moments in motherhood. I have been watching In the Motherhood webisodes since last year, long before it was announced that it would become a primetime show. Back when the series was broadcasted on the web, I submitted a story to one of their monthly contests. They announced the winners and I wasn’t one of them. I have come to expect rejection. I hope for acceptance but understand that it is rejection that compels me to keep reaching for the unattainable.
About two months or so I was baffled to see an e-mail from ABC and thought maybe it was some type of spam that made its way into my inbox. What I wasn’t expecting, was an offer to buy the rights to what I thought was a losing story.
The payment was small but the thrill was magnificent. Every time I see the commercials, I get excited to think a teeny part of me may be included into something. I know there are many mothers out there that received the same e-mail and payment and I am proud to say I am in their company. Not because I am a writer, but because I am a mother. And every mother has a funny story to tell. What drives us crazy today will make us laugh tomorrow.

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